Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

When we encounter problems in our daily lives that have no quick or easy solution we find ourselves at a turning point. We are faced with examining the attitudes and habit patterns we bring to our experience of stress and pressure at work and daily living. Ultimately, we make a choice either to continue a lifestyle, which maintains the inertia of the problem, or to cultivate a more gentle and positive attitude towards our lives, our work, and ourselves.

8 Week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course is a 21/2 hour class meeting once a week, for 8 weeks plus a full day retreat on a Weekend. Ongoing practice of mindfulness at home is facilitated by 3 audio CDs, as well as readings, journaling and weekly awareness assignments.

  • mindfulness in everyday life
  • heightened self awareness
  • meditation practice
  • breath practice for decreasing stress

  • deep relaxation exercises and body awareness
  • gentle yoga, mindful movement and qi gong
  • brief lectures and group discussions


Mindfulness practice can help you to:

  • tune into your breath to calm body and mind in the face of ups and downs
  • transform stress reactivity into an effective and energetic personal response
  • relax, let go of tension, and enjoy your life
  • enhance mental disciplines; focus, concentration, memory, and the courage to risk and grow
  • take personal responsibility for your own well being and your life’s direction
  • thrive within a constantly changing world
  • set priorities from a deeper place of meaning in your life.
  • nurture creativity and initiative
  • cultivate healthy communication patterns and teamwork skills
  • develop community awareness and shared vision
  • transform conflict into creative win-win solutions
  • appreciate your intuition and realize your full potential

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